BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse REFUSES To Back Down In Face Of Civil Lawsuit By Father Of Anthony Huber, ”I Was Found Innocent But The Fight Hasn’t Stopped”


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Kyle Rittenhouse is now being hit with a civil suit by the father of Anthony Huber, an ex-inmate who Kyle was forced to shoot in self-defense. Huber died.

Kyle set up a GiveSendGo page to help him fight this lawsuit.

The page says: “Kyle Rittenhouse was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers. The unanimous verdict did not prevent Kyle from being added as a defendant in an erroneous civil lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Wisconsin against nine Wisconsin police departments, including ten city and county governments.”

“The Plaintiff, John Huber, is represented by a Chicago-based, incredibly well-capitalized, Democrat Party-aligned law firm specializing in police misconduct and civil rights cases.”

The civil suit against Kyle is because Kyle was acquitted of all charges arising from his justifiable use of deadly force to send his life.

This suit is intended to degrade the protections afforded to all U.S. citizens under the Second Amendment.

“Lastly, this lawsuit is a broadside against law enforcement and seeks to diminish the heroic and selfless sense of duty displayed by police across the country and their commitment to the rule of law,” the page continues.

“With the prayers, love, and support of countless Patriotic and freedom-loving Americans, Kyle beat the odds, won his freedom, and proved to a nation that justice is possible, even in the face of overwhelming political and societal pressures. Unfortunately, Kyle finds himself with his back up against a wall again.”

“He needs our help to fight back against this despicable, politically motivated attack from the Democrat political machine and anti-Second Amendment groups. The political left wants to instill fear and apprehension in the minds of Americans who elect to carry a firearm for self-defense.”

“This civil action is unambiguous in its message, “If you discharge your firearm in justifiable self-defense, you should expect to be re-tried in civil court using a lower evidentiary standard and potentially face a lifetime of financial ruin.”

After all Kyle has already gone through, it is amazing that the hints still keep coming. It is amazing the hatred people have for him.

The mainstream media twisted the story and painted him in the worst light possible. People all had their opinions on what they would have done in the moment, but none of them lived through what Kyle experienced.

His story shows just how important the Second Amendment is to everyone in this country, whether you like guns or not. We all have the right to bear arms and defend ourselves if need be.

“To this day, a large swath of the American public still believes the misinformation spread on social media, despite the irrefutable evidence presented during Kyle’s trial. Finally, big tech censored anyone who appeared to support Kyle Rittenhouse, effectively creating an echo chamber fueling hatred against Kyle.”

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