LMAO: Trump Supporter Gives Cashier $20 Bill With “Offensive” Message On It, Cashier Freaks Out And Calls Police 

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A Trump supporter went out to eat with some friends at a Texas restaurant, and when he went to pay with a single $20 bill, he was met with something he did not expect.

“Unknowingly, the $20 bill I had in my wallet had ‘Trump Lives Here’ written in permanent marker on the White House,” David Hill explained.

His cashier did not take well to the words written on his money.

“The cashier looks at it and says, ‘I can’t take this money, its invalid because it’s been defaced,’” Hill recalled.

Hill was stunned and asked if the cashier was serious, and the cashier was and stood his ground. He asked Hill if he had another form of payment.

Hill stuck to his guns and told the cashier that the cash was all he had on him. The cashier then suggested to Hill to go to a nearby ATM and get some other money and return to the restaurant to settle the tab,

Hill said he looked at the employee and said, “Nope, the money works, you can take it.”

The employee threatened to call the police and Hill said go ahead. A small group of people watched on as the two had it out. A police officer arrived and asked, “What seems to be the problem here?”

The cashier answered first and said, “This man is attempting to pass counterfeit currency which has been defaced, and I’m not accepting it,” he told the officer.

The police officer demanded to see the bill to get a closer look at it.

“Son, there are millions of bills with writing on them, and it is valid currency, so kindly take it and give the gentleman his change,” the officer informed the employee after examining the bill. 

However, things were far from being settled. 

The cashier replied to the officer, “Nope. I’m not taking it.”

The officer asked why not and the employee said, “Because anything with Trump’s name on it disgusts me, he’s not my President.”

The police officer responded, “Ok here’s the deal, take the money and give the gentleman his proper change or his lunch is free today because he’s trying to pay you for the meal.”

To everyone’s surprise, the employee wasn’t going to change his mind. He would rather give Hill a free meal than take the money, so he refused payment once again.

The officer said to Hill, Have a nice day sir, you are free to go.” 

Then, he turned to the cashier with a warning and said, “I guess when word gets out that meals are free if Trump’s name is written on a $20 bill on The White House, this place will get swamped with people wanting to eat for free.”

Defacing a bill is not recommended but according to U.S. code 18 U.S. Code § 333, it’s technically only illegal to deface money to the point that it is “rendered unusable.” 

The bill Hill gave to the cashier was only written on and could still do the job, so the cashier was able to take it as legal tender.

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