“They’re Going To Demand An Impeachment Vote On President Biden Every Week”: Top GOP Leaders Announce Their Plan To IMPEACH Biden

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If the Republicans take back the House in the midterms, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) is urging President Joe Biden to get some good impeachment lawyers on retainer.

In an interview with Politico, Kinzinger said that a GOP-controlled House would “impeach him every week.”

“They’re going to demand an impeachment vote on President Biden. And if he vetoes it, they’re going to override his veto,” Kinzinger said.

The congressman added that the Republicans would also use their majority to investigate Biden’s administration and “make his life miserable.”

Kinzinger’s comments come as the president faces increasing criticism from the GOP over his handling of the border crisis. Some Republicans have even called for Biden’s impeachment over the issue.

Still, Kinzinger’s comments highlight the growing tensions between the GOP and the Biden administration. If the border crisis continues to escalate, those tensions are likely to only grow in the coming months.

He continued: “Back before we had all the crazies here, just some crazies, you know, every vote we took, we had to somehow defund ObamaCare. You’ll remember, right when we took over it was we need to do the omnibus bill, but we’re not going to vote for it because it doesn’t defund ObamaCare.

“That’s going to look like child’s play in terms of what Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to demand of Kevin McCarthy. They’re going to demand an impeachment vote on President Biden every week.

“I think it’ll be a very difficult majority for [Kevin McCarthy] to govern unless he just chooses to go absolutely crazy with them.

“In which case you may see the rise of the silent, non-existent moderate Republican that may still exist out there, but I don’t know.

“I think if there’s, particularly if there’s a narrow Republican majority, let’s say there’s five, a five-seat Republican majority, it only takes five Republicans or six Republicans to come together, deny Kevin the Speakership.

“Because they weren’t, let’s say, Jim Jordan where they have this idea that Donald Trump can sit as Speaker. Any of them can do that. 

“And I know these Freedom Caucus members fairly well, and I know that they have no problem turning their back on McCarthy and they will.”

The congressman went on to say that such a scenario would be “totally unprecedented” and would “gridlock” the country.

“I think it would be really, really bad for the country,” Kinzinger said. “We’ve seen how these things go. They always end up going too far.”

The Illinois lawmaker, who has been one of the few vocal critics of former President Donald Trump within the GOP, also predicted that the party will continue to be defined by Trump even if he’s out of office.

“The Republican Party is the party of Donald Trump,” Kinzinger said. “That is our brand.”

Kinzinger’s comments come as Biden is facing increasing pressure from Republicans over his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economy. Trump has also been ramping up his attacks on the current president, calling him a “disaster” and vowing to “take back the Republican Party.”

It’s unclear if Kinzinger’s predictions will come true, but it’s clear that the GOP is planning to make Biden’s life as difficult as possible if they retake the House in 2022.

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