‘SHE’S LOSING IT’: Brittney Griner’s Wife Reveals The Truth About The WNBA Star, Says She Is “Losing It”

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Worried wife Cherelle Griner gave Abby Phillips of CNN an update on her WNBA star spouse Brittney Griner’s condition.

“Cherelle Griner told me she had a good meeting with Biden. He gave her more confidence in the admin’s efforts to bring Brittney Griner home, ‘It allowed me to have confidence in what he’s doing right now,'” Phillips said.

Griner is currently serving a two-year sentence in a Russian prison after being convicted of assault following a brawl at a nightclub in Moscow.

“She’s not well, she’s losing it,” Cherelle Griner said of her wife. “She’s hanging in there, but she’s losing it.”

Cherelle Griner added that the Trump administration was “not doing anything” to help Brittney Griner and that she was “disappointed” in them.

The Biden administration has pledged to work to secure the release of all Americans who are being held unjustly overseas, including Brittney Griner.

Griner’s wife continued: “Griner said Biden alluded to media coverage that reported the administration was prepared to swap at least on Russian imprisoned in the US for Griner and another detained American Paul Wheelan. 

“But Biden did not get into specifics about the details of a swap.

“Cherelle’s sense after meeting with Biden was that negotiations have been very complex but that Biden is determined to get a deal done: 

“I don’t think they have quite figured out exactly what Russia wants in return for BG. Cherelle has been exchanging letters from BG during her imprisonment in Russia. But recently those letters have taken a dark turn. She’s not well. She’s losing it.”

She continued after meeting with President Biden this week: “I want to thank President Biden for yesterday’s meeting as well as the Administration for its efforts to secure my wife’s release.”

“It was an honor to speak with him directly about the Brittney we know and love. I’ve felt every minute of the grueling seven months without her. I look forward to the day my wife is back home.”

“As my family and I continue on this journey, I’d like to thank the broad coalition of friends, leaders and supporters who continue to stand with us and advocate for Brittney’s swift and safe return. Let’s share a unified commitment to bringing all Americans home to their families and loved ones. Together We Are BG.”

Brittney Griner, a world-renowned basketball player with two Olympic gold medals, was sentenced to nine years in a Russian penal colony after being caught trying to smuggle illegal drugs into the country.

Her attorneys have appealed the conviction, arguing that the drugs were for personal use and that Griner had no intention of smuggling them into the country. However, the Russian court has upheld the sentence, and Griner will now have to serve her time in a Russian prison.

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