Breaking: NBC Caught Red Handed Following Tweet Comparing Immigrants To Trash, “Taking My Trash Out And Just Driving To Different Areas”

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There has been much discussion lately about the depredations of the mainstream media. These depredations can take may forms. It could be partisan hackery (looking at you CNN). It could also just be the MSM’s desperation in missing what ever points are thoughtfully given from the likes of Bari Weiss or James O’Keefe.

These dissenting opinions fall, unpardonably, outside of the brackets of what is deemed acceptable. Other times, it can be just good old fashioned hate-fueled stupidity. On offer today is a story regarding the latter.

It is now being reported by Just The News that:

NBC News was criticized after tweeting a quote from an immigration activist who compared the illegal migrants sent by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, to “trash.”

The since-deleted tweet included a link to a story titled, “DeSantis sending asylum-seekers to Martha’s Vineyard divides Venezuelan Americans.” The post stated: “Florida Gov. DeSantis sending asylum-seekers to Martha’s Vineyard is like ‘me taking my trash out and just driving to different areas where I live and just throwing my trash there,’ a founding member of a foundation which helps refugees says.”

Venezuelan American Max Lefeld, a founder of the nonprofit refugee assistance organization Casa Venezuela Dallas, said the controversial remark to NBC in an article published Friday after DeSantis sent two planes of illegal migrants to the liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard last week.

It was further reported by the Tennessee Star that:

“Jill Biden compares Hispanics to breakfast tacos and the extremists democrats, who make money from the suffering of illegal immigrants, compare migrants to ‘trash,'” former Ohio Republican Senate candidate Bernie Moreno tweeted. 

“After realizing this tweet made their political allies look horrific, NBC News deleted it,” the Federalist Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway said.

Conservative commentator Sebastian Gorka asked NBC why the post was deleted, following up: “Have you changed your mind that Illegals are ‘trash?'”

Commenting on the quote published by NBC, DeSantis campaign official Christina Pushaw said: “Love it when liberals show us who they really are.”

MSNBC has been through the ringer a lot lately. With good reason of course. We reported on a recent story where the Republicans went off on MSNBC analyst Tiffany Cross after she was quoted as saying that “It feels like the Civil War is here.”

At that time we reported “that It is something that Cross has repeated after the Mar-a-Lago raid, that it is the MAGA Republicans’ fault. People on MSNBC have continued to add fuel to the fire by comparing 2022 to the years of 1860 or 1940 with guest speakers on her show“.

We further reported only earlier this month that notable Republican Lauren Boebert went all out on MSNBC’s Joy Reid after Reid made what Boebert referred to as “baseless conspiracy theories” regarding former President Donald Trump.

So, the hits just seem to keep coming. With the recent mass exodus of CNN that saw Brian Stelter, among others, leave the network, it may well seem that MSNBC might be the next network to experience a, let’s call it, transitional period.

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