Breaking: Armed Suspect Meets His Match, Welcomed With A BRUTAL Beatdown, “Victim Defended Herself With A…”

Decatur Police Department

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One hates to tell people what they already know. Especially, when it is devastatingly obvious that they already know it. But, here goes… the second amendment is important. It is extremely important. Most can think of their own favorite example of this.

Here is another potential candidate. There was an armed suspect that recently broke in to the home of a woman in Alabama.

The problem for the would be robber was that this woman was one of those who understood the importance of the second amendment.

It was recently reported by TruthTent that:

Thirty-one-year-old Larondrick Macklin likely thought he had the upper hand when he broke into a southwest Decatur, Alabama home on a Thursday. Macklin was armed with a pistol when he entered the residence on the 2800-block of Wimberly Drive, Newsweek reported. The home reportedly belonged to his ex-girlfriend, according to


When Macklin entered the apartment and brandished the pistol, the unnamed woman wasn’t able to get her hands on her own firearm, but she was able to wield a weapon that worked just fine in fending off the intruder.

As Macklin reportedly burglarized the woman’s home, causing a domestic disturbance, she decided to fend him off with hot cooking grease. Showing no mercy, the unnamed woman hurled a pot of red-hot grease in the man’s face in self-defense.

The grease caused extensive burns to the mans face and held him off long enough for police to arrive after they were alerted about the domestic disturbance. When police arrived, Macklin, who was still at the scene, was detained by officers from the Decatur Police Department. 

A detective determined Larondrick Macklin was the “primary aggressor in the altercation,” USA Today reported.

It was further reported by USA Today that:

Macklin’s relationship to the alleged victim is unclear.

“Since the situation was of a domestic nature, we are not at liberty to discuss the relationship between the victim and the suspect at this time,” a police spokeswoman told USA TODAY. 

Macklin was arrested on charges of first-degree domestic violence and first-degree burglary. He is being held in a local jail in lieu of $300,000 bond. He was taken to jail without incident after receiving medical attention. 

It was also reported that:

According to initial reports, when Larondrick entered the residence on the 2800-block of Wimberly Drive, he intended to burglarize the woman’s home.

When the police arrived, they saw Macklin with burns on his face, and he was taken to the hospital.

The second amendment has been (pardon the pun) under fire recently. We reported last month that U.S. Supreme Court issued one of its most pro-Second Amendment decisions in nearly two decades a few months ago.

The justices ruled 6-3 that New York’s concealed carry law was unconstitutionally restrictive.

Experts say the ruling is significant because it means similarly restrictive concealed carry laws, limited to mostly blue states, are also likely to be successfully challenged. 

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