“The Biggest Human Trafficker On Face of Planet”: Ted Cruz Drops The Hammer On Joe Biden, Reveals Truth On Their Secret Migrants Flights

(Credit: The Texas Tribune)

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In an interview with Newsmax TV on Wednesday night, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) voiced his disapproval of President Joe Biden.

Cruz began by highlighting how the left has been quick to condemn President Donald Trump’s administration for its handling of the border crisis, even though it was the Obama administration that set the stage for the current situation.

“For years, the Left has been in a frenzy about President Trump and his policies on immigration,” Cruz said. “And yet, today, we saw one of the most stunning examples of hypocrisy that I think I’ve ever seen in politics.”

The Texas lawmaker then went on to criticize Joe Biden, calling him “the biggest human trafficker on the face of the planet.”

“Right now, Joe Biden is presiding over the biggest human trafficking crisis in American history,” Cruz told Newsmax TV host Sean Spicer. “He is the biggest human trafficker on the face of the planet.”

“The reason I say that is because human trafficking requires two elements: it requires a victim and it requires a perpetrator,” he continued. “And who are the victims here? They’re young girls. They’re young boys.”

“Many of them are being raped on the journey north,” Cruz said. “Many of them are being abused. And they’re coming because Joe Biden has sent a message to the world that if you make it to America, we will welcome you with open arms.”

The Texas lawmaker went on to blast the “docile” sheep media for ignoring the crisis at the southern border.

“The mainstream media is like a bunch of docile sheep. They just go along with whatever Joe Biden says,” Cruz said. “He tells them there’s no crisis, so they say there’s no crisis.”

“If he told them tomorrow to say the earth is flat, they’d go out and start saying the earth is flat,” he added. “This is a serious crisis, it’s a humanitarian crisis, it’s a national security crisis.”

Cruz concluded by calling on Biden to “open up the border” and let Americans see what is happening for themselves.

“If Joe Biden really believes there is no crisis, he should open up the border and let Americans come down and take a look for themselves,” he said. “Let the media go down and take a look for themselves.”

“But he’s not going to do that because he knows it would be politically devastating,” Cruz added. “Because if Americans saw the reality of what is happening, they would be outraged.”

Cruz Continued: “Today has illustrated what screaming hypocrites the Democrats are. The entire corrupt corporate media, they don’t believe a word they said. Every word out of their mouth is a complete and utter lie.

“You know, the Democrats did not think it was a humanitarian crisis when we pulled over 50 bodies and body bags out of a truck in Texas of illegal immigrants who died because the smugglers let them die of heat exposure.

“And yet suddenly, 50 illegal immigrants show up in lily-white Martha’s Vineyard, where rich liberals and billionaires sip Chardonnay.

“And it is World War III. They lose their stuff all over the place. And it just shows what utter nonsense it was. Right now, the biggest human trafficker on the face of the planet is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

“He has transported hundreds of thousands, millions of illegal aliens populating them now, putting many of them in Red states. He’s happy to put them in Red states where it’s not the rich peoples’ concerns, it’s the little peoples’ concerns.”

Cruz went on to say that the corporate media is “complicit” in human trafficking by not reporting on Biden’s involvement in the crisis.

“The reason they’re not reporting it is because they’re complicit,” Cruz said. “They’re part of the trafficking cartel.”

The Texas senator concluded his remarks by saying that the American people deserve to know the truth about what is happening at the border.

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