MONSTROUS WIN For Fox News Star Jesse Watters As Its Been Revealed He Is DOMINATING Cable News Ratings: Competition Struggles


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Dan Abrams founded Abrams Media group in 2009. After a career as a legal analyst and reporter for NBC and MSNBC, he decided to venture out and create a media group. One of the sites included in the organization is 

Mediaite, according to the website, is the trusted source on the intersection of politics and media across the political spectrum. It provides news stories and information from all the various networks and news organizations out there. 

The organization recently released its ratings for numerous shows. The ratings show that the Jesse Watters show is attracting more viewers than his left-leaning colleagues. The Fox News show nearly doubles the viewership of the competition. 

The fact Jesse Watters show is beating shows like Joy Reid’s, The Reidout, is not surprising. The comparison is like the high school varsity team beating the Freshman team, not even the junior varsity. 

The report said 2.815 million viewers tuned in to watch Watters while 1.352 million watched Joy Reid. The report also mentioned only 883,000 tuned into the CNN offering. The numbers show Watters can beat both networks combined. 

CNN is in complete shakeup letting on-air personalities Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter go. Erin Burnette, whose show is opposite Watters barely registered viewers. That is normal for CNN today. It is no surprise Watters dominates Burnette in the ratings. 

It is surprising Joy Reid still has a show on MSNBC. The show has become so unpopular, that it is shocking it is still on the air. Perhaps, that is why she is still on the air. She has defined herself by declaring everything in the world is racist. She has no other method of on-air delivery. 

Perhaps that is why she still has a show. Reid is simply playing the part she has been given. She has become a caricature. She claimed once that red states are keeping black people alive only so that they cook white people’s steaks. Based on what? There’s no use asking since there are never any answers.

On Friday, she compared Governor DeSantis to southerners of the 60s who sent people on “Reverse Freedom Rides. By shouting racism at everything, she is bound to be right at some time, and at that moment, she can scream to the mountaintops that she was right and the world is racist.

Part of the reason Watters is so successful is that his competition is simply bad. There is no doubt about that. However, there is also something likable about Watters. He indeed built a reputation for asking any question to anyone at any time. People like that for it being honest and shocking. 

There is also an everyday feel to Watters that he built during his weekend show. He vowed to keep that style as he transitioned to the prime time slot. “My tone and my style are going to be the same,” he told Fox News just before his show began is run. 

Of course, it doesn’t hurt Watters and his show that his show is the lead-in to the Tucker Carlson show at the 8 PM time slot. Carlson’s show is the giant of cable news shows and dominates the ratings against his competition. 

The other Fox News powerhouse show has taken a slight hit in the ratings. Sean Hannity was, at one time, dominant in every age category versus the competition. Rachel Maddow has made up some ground on younger viewers although Hannity still does dominate the coveted age bracket of 25-54. 

Watters show is still in its first year and is off to a great start. His ratings are tremendous and on the way to dominating his time slot as Carlson does. Watters clearly defines who is he and where the show is headed, unlike his competitors who can’t find themselves in a post-Trump era. 

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