As Infamous Watergate Scandal Hits 50th Anniversary, The Weaponization of The DOJ Takes Center Stage For Targeting Conservatives

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The presidency of Richard Nixon has been taught in schools as a dark spot in American history. What we learn about him is The Watergate Scandal and that he was the only President to resign from office.

Personally, when I was in High School, post 9/11, and late 2000s, the main focuses were the Vietnam War, the scandal, and the fact that Nixon established the EPA. At the time, teachers used Nixon’s story to get conservatives like me to “see the light.”

Nixon was a Republican, and he would have been impeached. Sure, Republicans tried to impeach Bill Clinton, but they were hypocrites because Newt Gingrich was sleeping around at the time too. Jimmy Carter wasn’t a bad president; it was he who saved the hostages; Reagan only got credit because he became President.

I ended up not liking Nixon, mainly because he created the EPA. At first, I saw Nixon’s actions as putting a dark spot on the Republican Party’s integrity. The history book wanted its readers to walk away with the idea that Nixon was a terrible President and that he was guilty of wrongdoing. I walked away thinking there was more to the story and that the facts my teacher and the book shared did not add up.

In my view, history is taught wrong; it is taught with tunnel vision. When we focus on the American Revolution, we only focus on the American Revolution. We don’t focus on what is happening around it, like the rising tensions in France. At the time, Marie Antoinette was queen and unpopular. After aiding the Americans, the French soldiers returned home. The idea of separating and denouncing a monarchy brought home by the French soldiers spread in the minds of the French people, which explains why they had a revolution of their own not long after the United States.

It is also important to remember that history is indeed written by the winner. Many still believe that Napoleon was short. American history is no different; people associate Nixon with impeachment. Countless historians and political scientists have ranked him as a below-average president. History books ignore that it was under his presidency that the Space Race ended with Apollo 11 landing on the moon. He enforced the desegregation of southern schools and appointed more women to administration positions.

Nixon wasn’t one of the greatest presidents, but he certainly wasn’t the worst.

In 1972, the headquarters of the DNC was located on the sixth floor of the Watergate Office Building. The accusations were that the office was burglarized, private campaign documents were photographed, and telephones were wiretapped.

Does any of that sound oddly familiar? Does the Steele Dossier come to mind?

Olean Times Herald reported:

Trump, just two months in office, tweeted: “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

We learned that in the final days of the 2016 presidential race, when the Clinton campaign came up with the Steele dossier — a collection of sensational and unsupported allegations about Trump and Russia — the FBI used the dossier to win approval to wiretap Carter Page, a low-level former Trump campaign adviser. Then we learned that also in 2016, the FBI used a confidential informant, a professor named Stefan Halper, to spy on Page and George Papadopoulos, another low-level Trump adviser.

Nixon believed that Watergate was a conspiracy organized by the FBI and CIA. In the secret tapes, Nixon often talked about wanting the documents on the bay of pigs and the JFK assassination. He even said the intelligence agencies have a “Dirty Tricks” department.

Source: Nixon President library/Youtube/one of the few videos with no commentary

Fifty years ago, a federal grand jury indicted several men for their involvement in the Watergate scandal. Just The News reported that some documents have resurfaced, causing some speculations about the Watergate prosecutions.

“One of the main revelations from the documents was that several so-called ex parte meetings took place during the Watergate prosecution between judges and prosecutors that, according to the panelists, undermine the entire prosecutorial effort and raise legitimate questions about whether the defendants received due process.

Leon Jaworski, for example, served as the second special prosecutor during the Watergate scandal. In that role, he met several times in secret with the district judges overseeing the case without defense counsel present, sometimes to discuss certain aspects of the case in advance, according to Jaworski’s own memos and letters.”

The Dirty tricks department may not be a department but the entire system. President Trump accused the FBI of implanting false evidence during the Mar-a-Lago raid.

In a previous Raging Patriots article:

“Former President Donald Trump denied still possessing classified documents about nuclear weapons after a Washington Post article suggested that was what the FBI agents were searching for in his home.

Trump also suggested that information may have been leaked to the media in order to portray him in a negative light following the raid on his home.

He also suggested that information was planted.”

History is important; like the old saying goes: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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