BREAKING: Viewership and Ratings of The Emmys Crash To An ALL-TIME Low In 2022

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The woke mind virus, as it is so eloquently named by Elon Musk, has certainly taken its toll. There seems to be no question there.

Whether the powers and institutions that realize that are infected with the virus if, of course, another matter entirely. Well, the new age ethic of woke-ism has seemed to claim in its path the recent Emmy awards.

In fact, the Emmy, thanks to a cocktail their radical leftist agenda, their, one risks repeating himself, wokeism, with a dash of unawareness and finally, a pinch of smugness, has just had its worst ratings year…ever!

It has just been reported that:

Many Americans have turned their backs on “woke” Hollywood and now it’s beginning to show in the ratings.

On Monday night, the Emmy Awards were shown on NBC but only managed to receive 5.9 million viewers, according to Variety.

This is an all-time low for the awards ceremony. Viewership plummeted by more than a 25% from the 7.9 million viewers who watched on CBS in 2021.

Although the ratings for award shows have already been declining in recent years, this shows how Hollywood’s problems are only getting worse.

Critics say the industry is no longer focused on entertainment, but rather using its platform to lecture Americans and push a radical left-wing political agenda.

It was further reported by USA Today that:

Usually shown on a Sunday night, the Emmys were shifted to Monday to make way for NBC’s first “Sunday Night Football” game the night before. It couldn’t escape football, however, since it competed against a tight “Monday Night Football” game.

The previous low point for the Emmys, with 6.1 million people, came with a drastically downsized show because of the pandemic in 2020.

While football had its impact, Emmys ratings have been on a steady slide since the awards began to be dominated by shows on cable and streaming services. With so many more television programs being offered, there are fewer that draw the big audiences that were routine in the days when broadcast television dominated.

The last time the Emmys exceeded 10 million viewers was 2018, when it reached an audience of 10.2 million. The Emmys had 21.8 million viewers in 2000, a level it will probably never reach again.

It was further reported by Outkick that:

To put it simply, people don’t care about Hollywood awards…

The only one with courage to stand up to the nonsense was Ricky Gervais when he roasted the Golden Globes in 2020. He made it clear celebrities really don’t matter, and people loved it.

Instead of leaning into what Gervais did, award shows seem content to just hemorrhage viewers around the clock.

While the ESPYs and Oscars saw bumps in 2022 from the 2021 numbers, viewership is still laughably bad. The 2022 Oscars had 16.6 million viewers and the ESPYs had 2.3 million viewers.

So, the Emmys are just the latest in a long line of casualties claimed by the aforementioned woke mind virus. Just a few days ago, my colleague Nicole reported on a a college that had to shell out over 35 million dollars to a local bakery after they called the owners, wait for it… racist.That would seem to bring a little more light to the popular phrase, “get woke, go broke”. A phrase by the way which, hopefully, might be creeping in the minds of the producers of the Emmy. We shall see.

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