‘He’s Un-Bloody-Touchable”: MSNBC Host Suffers Humiliating Meltdown As She Admits Donald Trump Is Unstoppable, “I think he was right”


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The scenery of the main stream media seems to be collapsing around it. The glorious exit of some time anchor and full time actual egg, Brian Stelter, just occurred very recently. Now it seems that there is some grief and possibly even humility coming out of fellow left wing news channel, MSNBC. It seems to come in the clownish and risible figure of the ironically named Joy Reid. It seems that she might have to eat some humble pie and actually, wait for it, agree with Donald Trump.

It was recently reported that:

MSNBC host Joy Reid threw in the towel and admitted to her crushed audience that former President Donald Trump is untouchable.

Reid had Michael Cohen and others on her show to tell the liberal audience Trump’s days are numbered. But Reid broke wasn’t convinced and said:

“Is he in trouble, though? Michael Cohen, the reason I wanted to talk to you today. Is he in trouble, really? Because this guy has been committing basically for his entire adult life. His dad didn’t pay taxes.

“He doesn’t pay taxes.

“He defrauds the insurance companies of New York.

“He defrauds the taxpayers of New York, defrauds the United States IRS. 

“He literally appears to be a crime machine.

“No one will stop him.

“No one can stop him.

“He could literally at this point, I believe — I think he was right — he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City, in the middle of the street, and no one would touch him.

“He’s un-bloody-touchable.”

CNN went on to further report that:

“The Justice Department said it is open to a judge appointing one of the candidates that former President Donald Trump’s legal team put forward as a special master to review the documents seized from Mar-a-Lago, according to a court filing Monday evening.

“DOJ said senior Judge Raymond Dearie is acceptable, along with its two previously proposed selections: retired federal judges Barbara Jones and Thomas Griffith.

“Each have substantial judicial experience, during which they have presided over federal criminal and civil cases, including federal cases involving national security and privilege concerns,” prosecutors wrote.

It been a rough month for Reid. Just last week, we reported that Congresswoman Lauren Boebert went after Reid for irresponsible statements she mad eon her show concerning Trump.

The mainstream media has certainly been taking its fair share of hits lately. We had previously reported on the recent exit of former “Reliable Sources” host, Brian Stelter. This was part of a general shake up at CNN, courtesy of new CNN CEO Chris Licht. Licht went on to reportedly told employees that the changes were necessary to make CNN a more profitable company. Additionally, we reported at the beginning of the year that former CNN producer, John Griffin, was involved with allegations of child sex trafficking, and then became named in a Connecticut civil lawsuit that alleges the former CNN employee engaged in “horrific sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and sexual assault” involving an underage minor.

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