‘We Need The Federal Government’s Help’, Governor Abbott Gets Ultimate Revenge As NYC Mayor Begs Federal Government To Help With Migrants

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For this writer, an ideal person would be someone who inherently distrusts the United States’ government. When someone says that the degree of division has never been greater and that how awful it is that distrust in the government has never been higher, it is the opinion of this writer that it would only truly be awful if that was not true.

Of course, there are those within our country that prefer more government oversight to less. Indeed those that prostrate themselves before the government with a problem in search of a solution.

In fact, it is now being reported by Newsmax that:

New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Sunday asked for help from the federal government to help deal with migrants sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, The Hill reported.

As a protest to the record number of border encounters under the administration of President Joe Biden, Abbott said on Friday that he is busing migrants to New York City, declaring that the Big Apple is an ideal location, because they can “receive the abundance of city services and housing that Mayor Eric Adams has boasted about within the sanctuary city.” Migrants are also being bused to Washington, D.C.

Adams went on to tweet:

@GregAbbott_TX used innocent people as political pawns to manufacture a crisis. New Yorkers are stepping up to fix it — that’s our city’s values. But we need the federal government’s help — money, technical assistance and more.

Newsmax went on to report:

Adams went to the Port Authority bus terminal on Sunday to meet a bus arriving from Texas and slammed Abbott by saying, “This is horrific, when you think about what the governor is doing,” Politico reported.

Adams, who said some of the families wanted to go to other locations but were forced on the bus by Texas authorities, said, “Our goal is to immediately find out each family’s needs and give them the assistance they want.”

The New York mayor added that, making matters worse, Texas officials have not communicated with his administration any details about when buses are leaving Texas or provided any information about the passengers, according to Politico.

Adams said at the terminal on Sunday that city officials had expected 40 people to be on the bus, which traveled for three days from Texas, but others apparently got off at other stops along the way and only 14 arrived.

There seems to be a decent amount of humor wrapped up in this. The whole idea of Governor Abbott busing migrants to New York is unmistakably funny. Then there is, of course, the way in which it was handled.

It seemed all to certain that the Democrat from New York would abject himself to the federal government and basically beg for their assistance.

One need not get too philosophical here, but that does seem to be a snapshot that captures the general feeling of Democrats in the attitude towards the government. This writer will choose to bond over a beer with those with whom I may call the government our common enemy.

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