Breaking: USPS Makes Ground Breaking Announcement On Mail-in Ballots For Midterms, “The USPS Claimed It Delivered…”

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The question of ballots has been coming up again and again lately. In fact, it was just yesterday that over 19,000 invalid ballots were discovered in the state of Arizona. Arizona, by the way happens to be a swing state. It was also reported that the now former mayor of Arizona, Guillermina Fuentes, was being prosecuted after she pled guilty to ballot harvesting in her city of San Luis. Well, the subject of ballots is back in the news. The news comes to us out of the states of both Arizona and Pennsylvania.

It is now being reported that:

The United States Postal Service confirmed it has created a division that will oversee mail-in ballots in future elections.

Adrienne Marshall, executive director of the newly created Election and Government Mail Services, announced that the new division will oversee “election mail strike teams” in local communities to deal with possible problems.

She went on to say that “We are fully committed to the secure and timely delivery of the nation’s election mail,”.

This proposal expands on the essential public services that the Postal Service provides to the American people and will also help to relieve budget strain on local election offices across the country,” the Biden administration wrote in March.

According to the Epoch Times:

“Several months ago, the Biden administration requested $5 billion to support the USPS’s mail-in voting operations over the next 10 years,”

It went on to report that:

The USPS claimed it delivered 97.9 percent of ballots from voters to election officials within three days, and 99.89 percent of ballots were delivered within seven days, during the 2020 election. The Postal Service is sending guidance letters to election officials in each state and territory this week. So far, nearly 40 million ballots have been mailed to and from voters during primary elections.”

In fact, it was just last week that Republicans wanted Pennsylvania’s mail-in voting law thrown out and filed a lawsuit to do so.On that point, Fox reported:

“The suit, filed Wednesday by 14 state Republican lawmakers, contends that the court must invalidate the law because of a provision written into it that says it is “void” if any of its requirements are struck down in court. The lawsuit says the non-severability provision was triggered in a May 20 decision by a panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals concerning mail-in ballots in a Lehigh County judicial race from last November,” 

“The ballots in question lacked handwritten dates on the return envelopes, as required in the law. In the decision, the panel found that a handwritten date has no bearing on a voter’s eligibility and said it would violate voters’ civil rights to throw out their ballots in that election simply because they lacked a handwritten date. 

The panel also pointed out that ballots with incorrect dates had been counted in that election. An appeal by the Republican candidate in the race is pending to the U.S. Supreme Court,” the report added.

So, the issue of mail-in ballots is becoming an ongoing and more fervent issue in the general American political discussion. It better be. In just the last month, it was revealed that well over 60,000 mail-in ballots were sent to a completely different county.

This mistake, as well as frankly all over political mistakes, was attributed to “human error”. We reported that those errors included incorrect addresses, missing election races, as well as missing candidates. Further errors included voters receiving ballots to vote in races they are not eligible for or not receiving ballots. One voter, Rhonda Barber, told ABC15 she “never received her ballot and her mother’s ballot was missing certain things.”

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