Breaking: Justice Roberts Makes Massive Announcement On Abortion Law That Would Prevent Minors From Getting An Abortion Without Parental Notification


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Across the United States, some laws prevent people under the age of eighteen from doing a lot of different things. The belief is minor and is not mature enough to make a reasonable and rational decision. 

Kids under eighteen are not allowed to buy or drink alcohol. They are not allowed to purchase or use tobacco products. In most states, kids under sixteen are not allowed to drive. Congress wants to enact legislation prohibiting any person under twenty-one from purchasing and owning a firearm. 

A person has to be eighteen to vote. States have varying laws prohibiting young kids from working too many hours per week, must be eighteen to join the military, buying a lottery ticket, purchasing cough syrup, and many other things. 

Yet, the Progressive members of the Democrat party want children under the age of eighteen to be able to have an abortion without having to inform their parents. A young girl is not required to have legal consent should it be needed. 

The hypocrisy is astounding when it comes to abortion. These same Democrats want to prohibit firearms purchases because they aren’t mature enough, but the maturity level for an abortion is not a concern. It is the girls choice because it is her body. 

According to, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts angered the left when he issued an order allowing the state of Indiana to enforce its law that requires parental notification for a minor to obtain an abortion.

The law had been on the books in Indiana since 2017, but it was put on hold by lower courts. The recent Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe V Wade allows the state to enforce the pending law. 

Justice Coney Barret was supposed to hear the case. She recused herself because she was in the appeals court when argued before her appointment to the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice stepped in and handed down the ruling. 

There is nothing the Chief Justice wrote that forbids abortions for girls under the age of eighteen. It simply requires the minor to notify parents. 

However, there is still wording in the law that states if notifying the parent puts the child in danger, they do not have to. A judge would have to make the decisions to determine what would be in the best interest of the minor. 

The Indiana law is contrasting to her bordering state of Illinois. Governor Pritzker signed a bill at the end of 2021 allowing a girl under eighteen of any age to get an abortion without the need for consent. 

As reported in, “those in support of the new bill claim that it protects vulnerable young women and children who may have been raped or abused.”

That’s a noble sentiment of course, but doesn’t it also protect the men who are abusing them? Doesn’t it remove the evidence? A young girl who was probably coerced if not forced into sexual relations will now be coerced and forced into abortion with nobody knowing anything.

Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago, that the liberal left was screaming for the #MeToo movement and attacked Justice Kavanaugh for being a sexual predator? Now, they are fighting the very laws that will help them find predators and lock them up and throw away the key.

It always seems the Progressive Left of the Democrat party just simply wants to argue and get their way. It doesn’t matter if a majority of the time, their way on one issue contradicts their way on another issue. Are they that simple they can’t understand it or is there some more nefarious going on? Hmm……

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