Breaking: Following Arrest Of Key Source Starting Fake Russia Hoax, Special Counsel Durham Sets Sights On The Woman Who Started The Russia Hoax Herself


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The Federal Bureau of Investigation enjoys the reputation of an army of good Samaritans. Countless films and television shows glorify the agency and highlight its quest to protect justice in America.

After all, Elliot Ness tracked down Capone and got him for tax evasion. They saved the Lindbergh baby case when they discovered the baby. No, they didn’t. They tracked down Bonnie and Clyde. Never mind, those were police officers from Texas and Louisiana. 

They solved the Black Dahlia case. Nope wrong again. It is still unsolved. They prevented the escape from Alcatraz and confirmed the men died in San Fransisco Bay. Nope. Today it is widely believed they escaped and lived the rest of their lives in Brazil. 

Hey, they caught DB Cooper. No, darn it. He is still unidentified. They did arrest the Unabomber. So what if it was after seventeen years? I will admit they do a good job at catching spies. They have done that dozens of times. They are good at doing that. 

There are a lot of law enforcement officers around the country who don’t like the FBI…there I said it. Many believe the only good agents were the ones who were cops beforehand and joined the Bureau after real law enforcement work. 

Think of it this way, an FBI agent graduates from Quantico and goes straight into a Detective position. A police officer graduates from the police academy and goes into the streets of whichever community they work. You have to earn your way to Detective. In many places, that takes years. 

The FBI has been politicized. Of course, local and city departments are too but the scope and level of political interference are massively different. In a small town, you may get a town council member to call you and ask you to take care of a speeding ticket for their cousin. 

An FBI agent might get asked to you know…create a fake dossier and spy on the President. Or label a laptop with a treasure trove of illegal activity on it as misinformation. There’s just a little bit of a difference.

I’m making an over-generalization regarding opinions on the FBI. There are 35,000 employees at the Bureau. 14,000 of them are agents. The rank and file are good people trying to do their best in a world where it is getting easier to do your worst. But, a lot of controversy hovers around them. 

It is no surprise when Just The News founder, John Solomon, believes that Special Counsel John Durham is preparing to go after the FBI. The federal law enforcement agency has been at the center of many political scandals throughout the years.

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley sent a letter citing “highly-credible whistleblowers” accusing the FBI and Justice Department of burying “verified and verifiable” crimes done by Hunter Biden. 

“The FBI actively made efforts to classify it as “disinformation.” It’s something we all watched in real time in October of 2020,” Grassley said. 

The November mid-term elections will be the most important elections of our lifetime. Whichever party comes out of the election in control of the House and Senate, will probably maintain control for a very long time. Maybe then, we can get to the bottom of all the investigations.

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