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When the Communists rebelled in China and overthrew the government, the remnants of the Republic of China administration, led by Chiang Kai-Shek fled to Taiwan which is also called Formosa. Since then, the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan have been at odds over their existence. 

The United States and Taiwan, or the Republic of China, have the treaty to protect the nation from outside invaders. The ROC-US Mutual Defense Treaty was signed in 1954. It means the United States is required to defend Taiwan if a foreign nation attacks. That includes China. 

The Chinese Communist Party is used to getting their way with American politicians. Especially the Democrat party. Financial backing and funding for many political campaigns has Chinese support. 

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is expected to make the first visit to Taiwan for an official of her ranking in twenty-five years. Her visit does not sit well with the Chinese government. 

Why would a one-day stop on the small island nation tick off the Chinese? Why is it part of a bigger geo-political problem?

In world politics, a visit by the Speaker of the House Pelosi legitimizes Taiwan in the eyes of other nations. It weakens China’s stance that both the land and its people belong to them. 

At a time when China is trying to exert itself on the world stage and overtake the United States as the global power, it sees Pelosi’s visit as an insult. A slap in the face since Chinese money is spreading around the halls of Washington D.C. like candy. 

The world already looks at China as the source of the Covid-19 virus. Not just the origin anymore, but the deliberate source of the virus. More and more evidence is mounting that it was man-made and deliberatley unleashed onto the world. 

Chinese officials have warned Pelosi. They have said her visit will cause an egregious political impact on China. They won’t sit by idly if Beijing feels its sovereignty and territorial integrity are threatened. The veiled threat is clear. 

An unnamed Chinese official tweeted a more direct threat of shooting down the Speaker’s plane when it gets into the area. The user has since removed the tweet. 

The Conservative Brief reports Hu Xijin, the former editor of the Chinese government-operated Global Times, taunted the Speaker, and the United States, in a tweet.

The trip has angered more than the Chinese. According to some reports, the Biden Administration is not pleased with Nancy’s planned trip. When asked about it, Biden responded, “the military doesn’t think it is a good idea.”

It is just like Biden to indirectly side with the Chinese. He passed the buck to the military. They don’t think it’s a good time. It is typical Biden. 

If any other President were in office, the Chinese wouldn’t even dare to tweet a threat or sarcastic comment toward the Speaker of the House. In times with a strong President, the Communist Party of China wouldn’t dare take a shot at Pelosi and risk World War III. 

But then again, we’re not in normal times anymore. The world is backward and with Biden as President, we’re not the big boy on the block anymore. 

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