Breaking: Michigan Patriots Gather 500K Signatures For Legislature To Act On Election Integrity ‘What We Want To Do Is…’


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The mid-term elections are less than one hundred days away. On November 8th, 2022, the elections will determine who controls Congress for the next two years. The reality is that this election will determine the fate of our nation for decades to come. 

It will be the first big election since Joe Biden beat President Trump in November 2020. Of course, the American people are very concerned with the results of that election. There is still a long list of questions about the integrity of that election. 

People have a right to be concerned with mail-in balloting. It doesn’t matter if you thought the election of 2020 was fraudelent. The process itself was and is broken. In the least, evidence shows negligence, ineptitude, and incompetence. Add in corruption and it is a whole lot worse. 

It isn’t just mail-balloting that has many concerned with the validity of American elections. It is also that billions of dollars from private industries flooded into states to influence the election process and alter the outcome. 

Jocelyn Benson is the Attorney General for the state of Michigan. We all remember the chaos that occurred in the key battleground state during the election. Now, evidence is mounting that show Benson partnered with a non-profit private organization to change Michigan’s laws. 

Documents exclusively obtained by The Federalist through an open records request show National Vote at Home Institute CEO Amber McReynolds working with Benson to change Michigan elections policy. 

The National Vote at Home Institute (NVHI) is connected to Mark Zuckerburg, the Facebook billionaire. The organization’s main goal is to push mail-in balloting in every state. Why would that be?

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Michigan voters have had enough and are trying to make sure there is no more private funding to influence elections in their state. They want people like Zuckerberg and Soros out of their affairs.

They have gathered more than 500,000 signatures to propose no more private funding in elections. They only needed 340,000 valid signatures to bring the proposal to Michigan’s state legislature.

Once it is formally brought to the state house, the Republican-controlled body is expected to approve it. The Secretary of State will have no choice but the follow the law. 

Zuckerberg and other mega-donors like George Soros have spent billions of dollars trying to force mail-in voting on states. It doesn’t serve any other purpose other than committing fraud and stealing elections. 

“Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud,” said a well-known politician as reported by the Wall Street Journal. People hear that comment and immediately think it was President Trump who said it. 

They would be wrong. Very wrong. It was former Democratic President Jimmy Carter. It is the conclusion of a 2005 bipartisan report tasked with studying the possibility of mail-in voting. Former Secretary of State James Baker co-chaired the study with Carter. 

It is not rocket science to see the potential for fraud in mail-in voting. It can be as easy as throwing Ballots into the trash or as sophisticated as having people sign Ballots for elderly nursing home residents. There are many more ways to do it. Just look at the 2020 Election.

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