Breaking: Democrats Out Of Options As “10,000 Mules, a Sequel” Plans 2023 Release Threatening To Expose The Truth


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The first big election since the Presidential Election of 2020 is less than one hundred days away. On November 8th 2022, the mid-term elections will determine who controls Congress for the next two years. 

The reality is that this election will determine the fate of our nation for decades to come. It may be the most important election ever held in the United States. The question is, will the election going to be free and fair? 

We know there was numerous incident of irregularities during the 2020 election. Mail balloting was an utter disaster and rife with questions of fraud. 

In Arizona, we know there were over 19,000 votes counted despite being received after the legal deadline. Everything was going as expected. As the elections neared, the voting began to trail off. Nothing unusual. Most people got their votes in early because the law required it.

Then after the deadline passed, a flurry of votes came into Maricopa County. Over 19,000 Ballots were received after November 3rd. The deadline for mail-in Ballots was 7 PM on November 3rd. Despite the late time, only 934 Ballots were rejected for lateness. 

Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary film, 2000 Mules, exposed widespread coordinated voter fraud in the 2020 election that would have been sufficient enough to overturn the election. However, officials have ignored the evidence. 

The Biden Administration is not a fan of D’Souza. Biden wants to brand D’Souza as an enemy of the state. 

According to The Washington Post, the United States Postal Service is creating a division whose sole responsibility will be to handle election mail. 

Executive director of the recently created Election and Government Mail Services, Adrienne Marshall, said that it will supervise election mail strike teams, as reported by 

The phrase strike teams conjures images of men garbed in black tactical gear armed with night vision goggles and the latest weaponry hitting the streets where the drop-off boxes are. 

It’s not a good image to portray for an agency that has been under the microscope for several years. Many people feel the United States Postal Service is outdated and is no longer necessary. President Biden does though. 

A few months ago, the Biden administration requested $5 billion for funding the USPS’s mail-in voting operations over the next 10 years. Is the plan to ultimately go to complete mail-in balloting? It sure seems that way. 

Marshall has commented on the new department’s top priorities will be to reinforce people’s confidence in the Postal Service when it comes to mail-in voting. The nation lost confidence in the organization for unlawful activity by postal employees. 

Several whistleblowers came forward to detail the unlawful activities postal workers committed before, during, and after the election of 2020. According to, a twenty-six-year-old New Jersey man admitted to dumping Ballots on his postal route. The man in question passed away this February. 

The American people have a right to be concerned with mail-in balloting. It doesn’t matter if you thought the election of 2020 was rigged or not. The process itself was and is broken. In the least, evidence shows negligence, ineptitude, and incompetence. Add in corruption and it is a whole lot worse. 

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