Breaking: Republicans To Subpoena Hunter & James Biden To Reveal Their Business Connections With…


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The mid-term elections are less than one hundred days away and a storm is brewing. Polls are pointing to a red tidal wave leading to Republicans taking over the House and Senate. However, anything can happen between now and then. 

The American people are facing record high inflation numbers, a historic rise in crime in our cities from the defund police movement, a battle over CRT and political correctness in the classroom, and high gas prices resulting in less expendable income. 

People are also tired of the Democrats and their complete disconnect from the everyday citizen. Time and time again, the progressive left of the party show disdain for the American people. The push for Green Energy and their outright dislike of America is going to drive people to the polls in November. 

The Democrats are doing all of these things, while the Bidens continue to be questioned about their business connections and financial dealings. Hunter’s laptop has given a treasure trove of information indicating the Bidens have been fleecing this country for decades. 

Republicans James Comer from Kentucky and Jim Jordan of Ohio are making it clear to everyone on both sides of the aisle. If the Republicans gain control of the House of Representatives and the Senate things will change. 

Comer told the “Just the News, Not Noise” television show on Thursday night that if he wins the chairmanship of the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee next January, he will compel testimony from President Joe Biden’s son and brother.

Comer explains, Hunter and James will be asked to testify first. If they refuse to, they will receive a subpoena to provide testimony. If they refuse, they can be held in contempt and ultimately face criminal charges. 

The Bidens are like the Corleone family from The Godfather saga. Joe has ascended to the highest office in the land despite bumbling his way through every press conference and having a cheat sheet at his disposal. 

James Biden is considered the fixer of the family. Jimmie as he is known, is the glue that keeps the family together. Unfortunately for James, his nephew’s laptop is a jackpot of evidence for investigators tying James to the Chinese Communist Party. 

Then there is Hunter. Poor Hunter. His selfies are flying all over the internet. They aren’t very flattering. Video and photos of sexual situations and rampant drug use are rarely good for one’s image and Hunter should be feeling the impact of his need to record his whole life right about now. 

Senators Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Chuck Grassley of Iowa have been instrumental in launching an investigation from the Senate. In a three-part series, they have hammered away at Biden’s and their activities. 

FBI whistleblowers have gone to Senator Grassley and reported members of the FBI have deliberately buried information on Hunter Biden and his laptop for a long time. They have buried the information by dismissing it as disinformation.

According to the NY Post, Senator Johnson believes the The FBI is weaponized against the two sitting chairmen of U.S. Senate committees. He is referring to himself and Senator Grassley. The whistleblowers say, the FBI is actively hindering their investigation.

The election is nearing and barring any unforeseen scandals, control of Congress should shift. Between now and then, the Biden soap opera will continue to unravel but the questions remain. When you get to the center, what will we see?

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