“Answer These Questions’ – Matt Gaetz Goes Scorched Earth On DOJ Lawyer For Pleading 5th On Hunter…

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Do you ever stop and wonder what Hunter Biden must be thinking about? What the President of the United States’ son must be feeling? He is all over the news every single day of the week. 

There are stories about his drug abuse problems, videos and pictures of him using those drugs. Videos and photos he took of himself for some strange reason. The king of selfies stocked his laptop with evidence of criminal behavior. 

There are stories about his corrupt business dealings around the globe. Stories of him being appointed to the executive board of Burisma in Ukraine despite not having industry experience. We all know that appointment generated an impeachment of President Trump.

Accusations are floating around suggesting the war between Ukraine and Russia is to cover up Hunter’s nefarious deeds. Can you imagine if that were true? Two nations going to war over the selfie king’s financial activities. The shame he must feel or not feel. 

Lets not forget these alleged actions extend to President Biden’s selling off oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The Administration has sold several million barrels of oil to Sinopec, a subsidiary of Unipec. 

Hunter was associated with BHR Partners, which held a stake in Sinopec. It appears Joe Biden and his administration are selling oil to a Chinese company. One his son has an ownership stake. Can you say suspicious activity?

The media should want answers, but they aren’t pushing the issue. Republicans are. Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is one of the leading members of our government that answers to Hunter Biden’s potentially criminal behavior. 

Assistant Attorney General for National Security, Matthew Olsen, testified before the House Judiciary Committee last week. Representative Gaetz didn’t hold back his questioning. 

The tone for the questioning was set immediately by Gaetz. When it was his turn to ask Mr. Olsen questions, the Florida Congressman fired off a devastating question.

“Is Hunter Biden a national security threat?” Gaetz asked Olsen. There is no doubt Olsen fully expected questions on Hunter Biden and his alleged criminal activities. It is safe to say, most things in the administration now, come back to Hunter.

However, nobody in the room expected that opening pitch to explode like that. Olsen’s reply was non-committal when he said, “That is not a question that would come before me,” Olsen was not going to answer the question.

The exchange progressed. Representative Gaetz continued to ask questions related to Hunter Biden. Each time, Olsen declined to comment, citing that Biden is not in his purview.

Olsen did reply to one question that he is unable to comment on investigations that are currently underway. It appears that was an accidental slip revealing the Justice Department is at least looking into the Hunter Biden allegations.

Everyone already knew there was an ongoing investigation. At least superficially. But, whether or there is an investigation, according to Gaetz, the Justice Department ratholes the details of that investigation.

Gaetz ends his questioning Game of Thrones style. According to the transcript of the hearing, he tells Olsen, “Winter is coming” and his questions will be answered sooner than later. He is alluding to the upcoming mid-term elections. If Republicans win control, Olsen will need to provide answers.

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