Joe Biden Is Forced To Cave To Trump – Biden Reluctantly Agrees To Complete Trump’s Most Significant Project…


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President Biden and his administration have faced a border crisis like never seen before in American history. The the United Nations called it a humanitarian crisis.

Now, with the mid-term elections nearing and the Democrats trailing in most polls, Biden decided he would quietly complete a section of President Trump’s wall.

Arizona Senator Mark Kelly’s seat is a very tight race. Although he is leading in polls no matter who the Republican candidate is, it will be close. He could lose his seat Blake Masters currently leads the polls for the Republican primary. 

The hot topic in Arizona is the immigration crisis at the southern border. Senator Kelly told  Fox News, that he has been advocating for approval to close those gaps for months. He has been advocating because he knows his Senate seat might be in jeopardy. 

The Fox report said, “Kelly celebrated the announcement in a statement Thursday, taking credit for finally being able to “secure a commitment from the administration to get this done,” according to his office. 

Brandon Judd, the President of the Border Patrol Union, wasn’t isn’t Kelly’s reasoning for the wall. He believes the Democrats are just helping one of their own by trying to fill in the gaps. 

Yahoo news  also reported Judd told Fox, “if people will do the proper research they will find that filling in the gaps with the current situation in that particular area does not help improve border security,” Judd said. 

Biden has tried to keep the building of the wall quiet. It would anger the progressive left wing of the Democrat party and go against what he campaigned on two years ago. To explain away the wall, they are spreading the story of “just filling in the gaps”. 

The border fence is also coming at the time when the rape trees are getting covered by the media. Cartel members and human traffickers, known as Coyotes, will sexually assault women and even young girls during the trip. 

They will take a piece of clothing from their victim and then hang it on a tree. It marks the territory for fellow coyotes, challenges them to do the same, and taunts law enforcement in the area. Senator Ted Cruz was on Fox news earlier in the week covering the rape trees. 

The Border Czar is nowhere to be seen. Vice-President Harris was given the task of dealing with the border as soon as they took office. It was a strategic move on behalf of Biden because he knew the situation was going to be difficult to deal with. 

He would get to distance himself from the wall and at the same time, let leave the Vice-President hung out to dry. Hundreds of thousands are streaming across the border impacting every facet of our society and the Biden Administration continues to play politics with it. 

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