“Grabbing Ass” – Bill Maher Breaks Silence On Bill Clinton For Groping His Girl “He Was Rubbing My…

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Bill Maher has carved a career out of having one ability. The capacity to be arrogant. He’s never been funny. He was never a good actor. He hasn’t had a role in any production playing anything other than himself in decades. 

Despite his lack of talent, he has gained enough clout to be a very influential person in Hollywood and politics. The HBO series, “Real Time with Bill Maher” began in 1993 and is still on the air today. 

Maher hosts numerous guests. From actors to news personalities and everything in between. It is a political commentary show that is not very informative. Its success is driven by the fact, that Maher says anything he wants to. 

He is a self-described liberal but “attacks” the left frequently for things they do and defends Conservatives. He irritates both sides of the political spectrum equally. It was what the audience expects him to do. 

Maher has a new podcast called “Club Random”, which is an hour-long show. He interviews guests about anything and everything. In a recent episode, his guest was Cedric the Entertainer. During the interview, former President Bill Clinton was the topic of discussion. 

Anytime “Slick Willy” is brought up on a podcast by two comics, you can guess where the discussion is going. They won’t be discussing the child-slavery-inducing NAFTA deal he pushed through. 

They won’t be discussing the “look the other way” policy his administration had towards the genocide in Rwanda. The bombing of the U.S.S. Cole won’t get brought up at the table nor will the questionable activities of the Clinton Foundation in Haiti. 

The discussion won’t include Clinton turning down the Sudanese government’s offer to turn Osama bin Laden over to the United States. Bin Laden was in Sudan after Saudi Arabia kicked him out. 

According to cnsnews.com, the administration did not want to be seen doing business with a country as “bad” as Sudan. Bin Laden was sent to Afghanistan instead. We all know the rest of that story. 

The two comedians, one a political commentator, instead focus on Bill’s propensity for women. Maher admires the former President for having the ability to be a womanizer while at the same time discussing “world trade”. 

He tells “Cedric” the story of how he was with the former President at the WTO Conference in Seattle in 1999. During the discussion, he mentions Clinton speaking to him for five minutes about world trade. 

According to magaconservatives.com, Clinton was rubbing the back of Maher’s female companion the entire time he was talking to him. 

Earlier in the episode, Maher explains to his guest that at this time in his life, he was a “swinging bachelor” which might explain why Clinton’s skill set didn’t bother him.

If you are old enough to remember the WTO conference in 1999, you’ll remember the city of Seattle became a Third World War zone. It has since earned the name the “Battle of Seattle”.

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The far-left socialist protestors tried to burn the city to the ground. The groups were the predecessors of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. At the time, they were not the violent tool the Democrats use to get their point across like they are today.

It is good to know, that as these groups gained political power, President Clinton was forming the foundation for the Me Too movement with a stranger while talking to his biggest fan Bill Maher. The whole time, the city of Seattle was on fire.

But women were Bill’s thing. He had such “skill” according to Bill Maher. He knows he showed that skill to Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Leslie Millwee.

Let’s marvel at how good a president Bill Clinton was. To think, we could have had Osama bin Laden locked up in some deep dark hole somewhere before 9/11 but instead, we were lucky enough to have Clinton rubbing the back of some unknown woman who once dated Bill Maher. Wow!

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