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When you are President of the United States, you meet people from all walks of life. It could be celebrities, politicians, or ordinary everyday citizens. Doesn’t matter where you go, you’ll meet someone, and that someone always wants to take a picture. 

The pictures are great. They are a way to brag to someone about you meeting a President or maybe Tom Brady or Mike Trout. Someone important. Pictures are also a way to remember events, a Christmas a long time ago or some other special moment. 

The other thing a pictures are, is evidence. If a person lies about not being in a place or not ever meeting with individuals, you might want to make sure there are no pictures of you being in that place or meeting with that person. 

President Biden has a hard time remembering that little fact. Well, he has a hard time remembering his name but that’s beside the point. Over the last couple of years, Biden was asked about his son’s business dealings and what he knew about them. 

“I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” Biden said in 2019 as reported by Joe repeated that claim many times and continues to stand on those words.

He repeatedly answers these questions saying he knew nothing about those business dealings. He had no interactions with Hunter and his business partners. Lets be honest. Only those who recently purchased waterfront property in Arizona believe him. 

More and more evidence is surfacing that indicates President Biden had plenty of interaction with Hunter and his business partners dating back to when he was Vice-President under Obama. 

Eric Schwerin, Hunter’s top business partner, met with Biden. White House logs indicated he visited Biden 19 different times. reported the documents to show the following visits to the White House were amongst those made by Schwerin:

  • Meeting with Joe Biden aide Evan Ryan (10/28/2009)
  • Meeting with Jill Biden special assistant Meg Campbell (2/13/2010)
  • Meeting with Joe Biden assistant Michele Smith (10/24/2010)
  • Meeting with Joe Biden (11/17/2010)
  • Meeting with Joe Biden assistant Kellen Suber (8/22/2011)
  • Meeting with Jill Biden aide Betsy Massey (3/31/2012)
  • Meeting with Joe Biden assistant Michele Smith (2/7/2012)
  • Meeting with Joe Biden’s Director of Administration, Faisal Amin (3/28/2013)
  • Meeting with Joe Biden assistant Kathy Chung (5/20/2013)

Everyone has seen the photo of Hunter and Joe Biden on the golf course with Devon Archer.


Many mainstream news media outlets tried to fact-check the claim this photo had nothing to do with Hunter Biden and his business partners. It is from 2014. Devon Archer is in the picture. Archer was also on the board at Burisma.

Archer would later be convicted of defrauding the Oglala Sioux Indian Nation in 2018. An Obama-appointed New York judge overturned the conviction several months later. In 2020, the conviction got reinstated by a Federal Judge in the Second District Court.

To be fair, Hunter was not implicated in that case. However, it does explain what type of individual Hunter associates with and there is more and more evidence showing Joe does too.

Joe Biden has been in office since 1973. He would tell everyone all the time, that he was the poorest man in Congress. Today, he’s a multi-millionaire. Good for him. We’d all like to get there. Maybe, I can get there by selling some people oceanfront property in Arizona.

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