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When you are a multi-millionaire you can afford to have a few weeks of bad press and publicity. Add in the fact that your wife is the Speaker of the House and arguably the most powerful woman on the planet, your bad days won’t be quite as bad as other people’s.

Paul Pelosi is the husband of Nancy Pelosi, “aka” the most powerful woman in the world. The 82-year-old investment tycoon got arrested for Driving Under the Influence injury resulting. It occurred in June in Napa County, California. He wrecked his 2021 Porsche on the way home from his vineyard.

Police arrested him when he crashed his vehicle into a wooden fence. Injuries were involved in the accident and Paul’s blood alcohol content was reportedly .08 percent at the time of the crash. After stopping at an intersection, the car was struck in the rear bumper of the vehicle.


Several weeks later, he made stock moves that proved financially successful for him and Nancy. The trades looked a little suspicious since his wife sits on the committee that regulates the stocks. 

“It certainly raises the specter that Paul Pelosi could have access to some insider legislative information,” government affairs lobbyist for left-wing think tank Public Citizen, Craig Holman, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Poor Paul had to sell some of the stock at a big loss. I think Paul and his wife can handle the loss. They are reportedly worth over $100 million. It is safe to say the couple is doing okay for themselves, especially since Nancy gets a salary of $223,000. 

According to, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Friday that Speaker Nancy Pelosi should steer clear of negotiations on curtailing congressional stock trading because her day-trading spouse clouds her trustworthiness.

Nancy Pelosi has been at the top of a recent poll amongst Congressional staffers. She is the most disliked member of Congress. That is hard to do with some of the other contenders. So, why would McCarthy ever hint that Pelosi can be trusted? 

The American people don’t trust Pelosi. Right now, the citizens of this country don’t trust any politician and Pelosi is at the top of that list. It is bad enough that Democrats are planning on putting forth a bill banning Congress members from professional stock trading. 

The Speaker’s response when questioned about the suspicious stocks, was that she does not own any stocks. They all belong to her husband. Isn’t that convenient? While she may not own the stocks, she could very well provide him with information. 

There have been rumors of late that the Speaker of the House Pelosi will be retiring after the mid-term elections. She probably should. The Speaker should see the writing on the wall. If the Republicans win control, she is probably not going to like what follows. 

Perhaps, Paul was just trying to make one last deal before he and Nancy ride off into the sunset. Let’s just make sure they have a driver first.

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