BREAKING: “Heads Are Going To Roll”, Uvalde First Responders To School Shooting Get Devastating News As It Is Announced That…


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By now the world has seen the videos from Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The footage is from the school hallways and shows the suspect, whom I will not mention, and various officers staging and standing around waiting. It does not bode well for those officers.

Law enforcement was forever altered in 1999 when two turds massacred fifteen innocent people at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. The subsequent videos from inside the school were never shown in their full unedited version to the public. Not officially anyway.

People handy with computers and hacking may have gotten their hands on the footage and many in law enforcement have seen the unedited video. Even now, as I write this, I can recall every detail. It is etched into my mind forever.

Departments across the nation examined their policies on school shootings. Many didn’t have policies while others realized their policies were not sufficient enough to address an active shooter situation.

It didn’t matter where the department was either. Big city departments with thousands of officers, to small-town departments that had less than ten officers manning their shifts. Everyone examined their procedures.

Schools looked at their policies and how to train their staff and students in dealing with the situation. Counties implemented active shooter drills to go along with fire and tornado drills. Police departments and schools began training together to get as realistic as they could.


In the twenty-three years since Columbine, a number of high-profile school shootings have happened. Each of them leaves a devastating path of destruction behind. In these moments, everyone looks to balm everyone.

“If there’s any officer that’s in violation of any policy or procedure that they needed to act on and did not and might have caused these children to die, these teachers to die, I can assure you, heads are going to roll,” he told CNN in an interview as reported by the

Yes, that day needs to be examined. Those officers were supposed to act. I don’t care if they had orders to stand down and stage. I don care that nobody took charge because of the numerous agencies present. 

The following orders excuse is not good enough. There were plenty of ranking officers present. Someone needed to take charge. If a Captain didn’t, a Lieutenant should have. If a Lieutenant doesn’t act, a lowly patrolman should have stepped up. Leadership was needed but it was missing. 

Law Enforcement needs to examine its policies. They need to do it in conjunction with their surrounding departments. Promotional processes within the department need to go back to promoting men and women who will lead and not be political hacks for the city and town councils. 

Hiring procedures need to be changed to bring the best and brightest men and women into the profession and not check off a box. Especially, in this day and age where recruiting is down because of the way the public views law enforcement. 

Schools need to take a hard look at their structure. School counselors and psychologists need to be more proactive in identifying potential threats and not coddling students who want out of class. 

Politicians need to stop running their mouths using these incidents to further their political agenda. One of the most disgusting things any politician has done occurred when Beto O’Rourke showed up at the Uvalde press conference. It was shameful but apparently, he has no shame.

The media needs to re-think how they cover these shootings. It is hard because the incident is newsworthy. However, by covering and posting it all over the place, the only thing they are doing is creating the next shooter.

It is sad, but when a streaker runs across the field during a football game, the networks are prohibited from showing it. The person wants their fleeting moments of fame. Plastering some murdering loser’s face all over the airwaves is only making some kid somewhere do the same thing.

There is going to be plenty of finger-pointing going on. The truth is, that every facet of society carries a piece of the blame. Until society accepts that, we’re going to continue on this path.

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