Breaking: ‘Abject Failure’, Kamala Harris Receives Devastating News As It Is Announced That Republicans Will ‘Remove Her…’


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Imagine being part of Vice-President Harris’ inner circle. Hysterical laughter at odd times. She gives speech after speech that makes no sense. Her office is full of high-level staffers resigning every day and she was assigned the role of Border Czar and that has been a total failure.

The border with Mexico has been an absolute disaster despite Homeland Security Director Mayorkas claiming it is secure. The flood of illegal immigrants coming across the border on a daily basis is astounding.

To be fair to the Vice-President, and I find that difficult to do, she was given a position where she was supposed to fail. The Biden Administration knew all along the border was an untenable situation and was bound for trouble.

Instead of attaching themselves to the border disaster, they stuck Harris with it. They thought they could avoid being blamed for it while at the same time throwing Harris under the bus. However, Biden is responsible for the border, but the Vice-President has dug a deep hole for herself there.

Who could forget the infamous “been to the border” interview?

Imagine if that was an unfriendly reporter asking her real questions. For some reason, the bizarre laughter would either get worse or change to a flood of tears. Either way, it would be a cringe-inducing interview.

We can all sit back and watch the videos of people coming across the border, but for newly elected Mayra Flores, she lives it. The newly elected Representative flipped a seat that had been Democrat for generations because of what is happening there.

Flores told Fox News, “Harris is honestly useless,” Flores said. “I don’t know why she’s in that position.” If you’re going to fix problems, you first have to know what the problem is. Harris doesn’t know what the problem is.

Flores went on to say, “She hasn’t been here in south Texas to see what their policies are creating, the mess that they’re creating in our country, and that their policies are hurting real people.”

The reported Harris visited the border region once while serving as Biden’s ‘border czar’, and the last migration-related event held by the vice president took place in January.

If the Vice-President were to visit in the next few days, she would be told about the “rape trees” that are starting to pop up all over the border. These trees are a place for cartel members and coyotes to hang trophies.

I’m not talking about little league trophies either. These thugs rape women of all ages including young children and then take a piece of clothing from their victim. The clothing is usually in the form of underwear but can be other items.

The piece of clothing is then hung on a tree for everyone to see. It marks locations for other human traffickers, challenges those traffickers to do the same thing, and taunts law enforcement. Rape trees are nothing new.

These symbols of evil have existed for years as people are smuggled across the border. However, the sheer number of people coming into the country illegally has increased these crimes as they make the crossing and increased the media coverage.

Human smuggling and human trafficking have gone on for decades at our Southern border. The Biden Administration has made it a hundred times worse. Every state will see the impact. Especially, come November.

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