MASSIVE DEFEAT Looms for Hillary Clinton as Jury in Durham Trial Will Determine the Fate of Clinton’s Lawyer Sussman

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Reported by in an interesting turn of events special prosecutor John Durham’s case against Michael Sussman a former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer who was charged with lying under the FBI was sent to the jury on Friday. deliberations In trial of Clinton’s lawyer Michael Sussman have gotten underway.

According to multiple reportsThe tree will continue to deliberate the evidence in which it has received on Tuesday following the off day on Monday for Memorial Day. John Durham’s 3-year investigation verdict should come sometime next week.

“It was never about national security It was about promoting opposition research against the oppositional candidate of Donald Trump.” Stated by prosecutor Jonathan Algor to close the prosecutions case before the jury Friday morning.

In a response by Michael Sussman’s lawyer Sean Berkowitz, This is a case about misdirection I mean that prosecutors you slight of hand to transform a short meeting his client have with the FBI’s general counsel into a giant political conspiracy theory.” This is the first caseof many that John Durham has broughtto the courts that is actually gone to trial.

John Durham actually got a guilty plea from former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith Who falsified documents father was foreign intelligence surveillance courts and connection with the warrant of surveillance to spy on a 2016 Trump campaign advisor. Because of that the FBI fired Clinesmith shortly thereafterward and he was disbarred however he was reinstated by the Washington DC Bar Association in December 2021.

The Wall Street Journal had their report on this “In September, the special counsel’s office obtained an indictment of Mr Sussman that accused him of misrepresenting his motivation for providing information to the federal bureau of investigation about a purported secret computer connection between a server to Mr Trump’s company and a Russian bank.

Mr Sussman’s lie, prosecutors allege, is that he had saidHe was turning the material over to the bureau out of civic concern rather than on behalf of his clients, would include the presidential campaign of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.”

“FBI investigators dismiss the server allegations within weeks in 2016, but the episode has continued to reverberate for years. Mr Sussman pleaded not guilty has maintained he provided the information to the FBI based on genuine US national security concerns,Even though he had separately worked on the research on behalf of the Clinton campaign.”

There’s a lot of gray area here as reported on earlierMichael Sussman had a lot to do with Hillary Clinton and spying on Trump during the presidential campaigns of 2016 hekept pleading that he never spied on trunk but the proof keeps coming out that he did.

Sussman’s lawyer Sean Berkowitz said in a closing argument to the jury, “Mr Sussman is a serious national security lawyer, adding his client had felt compelled to pass on what he believed to be credible data from a top expert in the field.”

Michael Sussman’s lawyer have argued continuously that there’s evidence known that indicate the FBI were aware of his affiliations with the Democrat Party since he had interacted with the agency many times over the 2016 summer on behalf of the DNC.

But the Republicans say that Durham’s allegations, expose the actions they argue as having inappropriately undermined Trump’s time while in office. “A lot of Americans are concerned with the fact that a campaign lawyer for the Clinton campaign could go to the FBI and provide information to the FBI that led to an investigation of the opposite party and it seems not muchWater has been held.” Senator Lindsey Graham.” (R., S.C.).

The final claim is that there are also lots of text messages that Sussman had sent to then FBI General Council member James Baker informing him that he had something sensitive to discuss that turned out to be a false claimThat Trump had secret bank channels link to a Kremlin Align Bank in MoscowSussman till Baker he was not acting on behalf of anyone but doing it out of his own goodwill.

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