REPUBLICANS WIN BIG: “Lying Under Oath”-Democrat Operative Exposes The Real Russia Hoax Manufactured By Hillary Clinton

Associated Press

Late last night a major news story was brought to the forefront by Newsmax about a former 2016 campaign lawyer for Hillary Clinton, by the name of Michael Sussman. With major reports that he had lied to the FBI About working for the Democratic National Committee.

Greg Kelly interviewed Devin Nunes, The current CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, who Had laid out his findings to a special counsel of John Durham’s probe into the origins of the 2017 Muller investigation.

Michael Sussman, who is actually on federal trial right now in Washington DC for lying to the FBI. With text messages to James Baker a former Justice who served on the general counsel for the FBI. Sussman stated in his texts with Baker “He is just a good Samaritan, I want to come in Not on behalf of any client, but I have some important information to tell you”.

An investigation, however, was done in late 2017, Michael Sussman under oath had stated the complete opposite that he was working on behalf of a client.

“Durham had used Sussman’s contradicting alibis to indict him for lying or lying to agencies altogether.” Nunes then went on to state, “The good thing in all of this is that there has been a lot coming out over the last two weeks and there’s more to come when it comes down to lying under oath and maybe even a little bit more when it comes to indictments”.

Also, it came out Wednesday that the two clients Sussman were working for included Hillary Clinton and Rodney Joffe. Baker then confirmed that Sussman billed the Hillary Clinton campaign for the work he had done for them.

Another interesting part and probably the most intriguing of the whole Sussman, Durham, and Baker scenario that’s gone down in court, Is according to Greg Kelly;

“Why didn’t Robert Mueller find out about this Mueller was working on that for two years and didn’t put his findings out until 2018.

“Greg if you go to not look for something chances are you’re not going to find it.” Devin Nunes. Mueller was there as a cover-up. He was never really in the know or in the forefront of what was going on.

“The worst part about it for Baker and Sussman was that in 2016 it was supposed to come out right before the election to make Donald Trump lose the election all at the same time and to their displeasure it blew up right in their face.

Donald Trump then becomes president. However, that didn’t stop them from continuing to spy on a presidential campaign.” Nunes implied.

Comey then discloses his notes and then is fired by gets fired by Trump which then he discloses illegally leaks classified information at the time that of course never got prosecuted either but it started the special counsel.

Devin Nunes then discloses that this part of American history should be looked at very closely but doesn’t know if Durham has the ability or the purview to actually look at it closer.

To wrap it all together the main point of this whole thing is even deeper than what we all thought in terms of Randy Joffe who was the main operative when it came to spying on the Trump campaign and some serious indictments could be coming down here very soon as it is illegal to spy on a presidential campaign without knowledge.

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