‘Greatest Political Disaster Of His Life’: Tucker Carlson Dives Deep Into Biden’s Worst Political Mistake And How Biden Lost The Support Of The Mainstream Media

Photo Sources: You Won’t Believe How Joe Biden is Masking His Gun Policies Now (republicbroadcasting.org)

Tucker Carlson, a Fox News presenter, began his Monday monologue by examining how the same major media outlets that he alleges backed and shilled for then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden had suddenly turned on him. Carlson went on to note that, according to the most recent polls, Biden’s popularity has declined across almost all significant Democratic communities, including blacks, Hispanics, and Independents. “At this moment, the White House has just two core constituencies: anxious upper-income women with several college degrees and opulent personal lives, and members of the national news media.” “And even that may be exaggerating Biden’s support, given the significant overlap between the two categories,” he joked. “They are essentially the same folks.”

The media is the sole reason Biden is president. Biden did not campaign for the post, nor did he hold rallies, provide speeches, or notify the public about his plans if elected. No, Joe Biden stayed at home for almost a year because he was afraid of infected voters. Instead, he allowed the media to do his talking for him, which they did. The media covered up Biden’s weaknesses while assaulting and suppressing his critics. They gave no clue that you were selecting a senile mannequin with a long history of sleazy behavior. Voters have no concept, no idea who Joe Biden was. Nonetheless, news companies have chosen to keep people informed. It’s a sight to behold.

Carlson concluded his statement by quoting far-left MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch, who said Biden suddenly “looks ancient,” and CNN anchor Don Lemon, who added, “It’s a poor week for the president.” Is there a different way to cut it?” “The point is that CNN is avoiding Joe Biden.” Don Lemon, for example, can see where this is going; he may be stupid, but his animal instincts remain unaffected. “Don Lemon sees a sinking ship and has decided to flee as soon as possible,” Carlson added.

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