AMERICA IS DONE WITH BIDEN: New Poll Reveals Approval Ratings Down To 36 Percent, Historic Low For Any Modern President

Source: Andrew Harnik/AP

A new Civiqs poll revealed on Sunday that only 36 percent of registered American voters approve of Joe Buden’s job performance so far.

Ratings for the “most popular president in US history” have reached a historic low with this poll. This comes after we have 40-year high inflation, a tyrannical push for vaccine mandates, a continuous growing shipping crisis, record unemployment, and rising prices of gas, lumbar, and other basic consumer goods.

According to this poll, Biden’s approval ratings amongst the 18 to 34 years olds, is only 28 percent. With a massive 56 percent disapproving of the President’s job. Ages 35 to 64 mark Biden’s approval rating in the high 30s, while those 65 and older give Biden a 41 percent approval rating.

Amongst Black Americans, the approval rating is just at 36 percent. The Democrats consider Black Americans a key demographic. Amongst Hispanics, the disapproval is at a whopping 47 percent.

Experts consider this because of Biden’s open border policies. Under Biden’s leadership, the country has seen a record-breaking surge of illegal immigrants in the country that has most impacted border towns and private ranches mostly owned by Hispanic and Latino people.

Biden’s job performance is also negative in 45 states and only five out of 50 states approve of Joe Biden as president. These states are California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

The poll sampled 144,126 registered voters from January 20 to December 25.

This is very unlikely that a President whose party controls both chambers of Congress is sitting at such devastating numbers also providing high hopes for Republicans ahead of the 2022 mid-terms.

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