SO STRANGE: Vice President Kamala Harris appears in short NASA video for children, tells them about “creatures on the moon”

Vice President Kamala Harris recently appeared in a NASA video for kids. Harris, who serves as chair of the National Space Council, talked to kids about her fixation with the “craters on the moon” during a NASA video on YouTube honoring World Space Week.

“You know, one of the most important pieces of advice that I can offer you guys, and I want you to really remember this: Never let anybody tell you who you are, you tell them who you are,” Harris said in the video. “Never let anybody suggest to you that you are what they think you should be, you tell them who you are and who you know you are, and what you intend to be. Got that?”

Harris also talked about her own passion for science and “exploring the unknown,” as well as what the kids could expect during their trip to the observatory. Harris’ animation and wide-eyed enthusiasm over the subject matter became a point of ridicule among conservatives.

The video follows a rough few weeks for Biden. Democratic infighting, the stalling of two major pieces of legislation in Congress, low jobs numbers, the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal, and the escalating border crisis have brought Biden’s approval ratings to an all-time low (Fox News).

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