“I’ll work out just A LITTLE bit MORE as I was on my to the GYM anyways, just to HELP YOU OUT! I will also do this great diet FOR YOU!”

Source: Julia’s crazy World

“Oh, you could suffer cardiac issues at any time because of obesity? Well, I’ll do this great diet with bio fruits and vegetables and I was just on the go to the gym anyway, so I try to do a little bit more to get you out of the danger! Just enjoy your 5 XXL Burgers and the coke while I am helping you! You are welcome!” Never heard something like that? Well, what about that: “Hey, how is your blood pressure because mine get way higher in is in the good and healthy area now, thanks to you high blood pressure!” – “Thanks for asking and I am so glad we found each other to normalize our blood pressures. Yes, mine has come down just the way we thought it would.” – “So glad that this is working out so great! Could you imagine that we both would have to do sports or take pills if we wouldn’t have that kind of solidarity?” You never of such conversation neither? Puh, you are difficult! I have another one: “I love your dark skin! Too bad that you need more sun to get the right amount of Vitamin D to keep any kind of flu away from you. But if you give me your natural sun protection and can give you the excess vitamin D my body produces! Thanks and you are welcome!” Now you tell me that all my examples can’t work and that I should stick to the science… ok, fine. Then please tell me why this is working then: “You need to get your jab to protect me!”

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