I am GOOD with your FAITH, will you LET ME HAVE MY OWN?

I worked at the Gay Games 2010 with my whole family. My father was considered to be very cute by some guys and I am okay with that. I thought that it was sad that some people had to change their names just so the internet won’t expose their activities. You do what you like and that’s fine with me. When I was in Arabic / Islamic nations I wore long dresses and never exposed my shoulders or knees. I was still very young, so I didn’t cover my head. I am okay with accepting your faith and your culture. You think that communism is just great and you want it to be implemented as fast as possible. Well, you seem to read only the great facts about this and I am honest, I like the idea of a world where money doesn’t play a role and as long as there are no Gulags or any other kind of camps this sounds great. This is how Christian communities in the USA and the whole world are surviving and thriving. Now, I want you to see also my faith, culture, sexuality and view on political systems! You ask for equality but don’t want to hear me saying, that history tells other stories about countries that were pushed into Communism. Create your own community and you are good to go but don’t force others into your dreams. Even when I am fine with whatever sex you choose for yourself, I have the right to teach my kids my faith and cultural believes and not Drag Queens doing this job for me. You have been heard and now the conservative patriots worldwide want to heard as well. Thank you very much! I appreciate that!

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