NEW BOOK BURNINGS: GOODBYE CHILDHOOD! After Dr. Seuss and Halloween costumes, now books of Asterix and Obelix are getting burned due to RACISM concerns

Dr. Seuss books have already been called out, now the story of Asterix and Obelix in America is next and different costumes for any kind of event have gone out of the shelves a long time ago. Everything that is considered to be “racist” in any kind of way is getting forbidden. Many people are considered to be offended never feel offended. Isn’t that weird? Every black face that used to be on a package in a supermarket shelf is gone now. Do kids learn that black lives are more important than others with this new kind of behavior? Well, in my opinion they just see white faces if they see one and then they think that black people are not a single bit important because they haven’t accomplished a single thing otherwise their faces would be seen. It is the same with indigenous people. Some people are going very strong into detail when they are doing their costumes and so they learn about these traditions. Also other people are getting educated in Native American traditions if they ask what the costume is all about. If you never ever see such a costume you forget about these people and that they had their own very proud traditions. The opposite will be accomplished of what the lefts are talking about. Instead all the kids are taught that there is something wrong with them when they feel good in the body they live with, when they have a mom and a dad and are loving the opposite sex. Where is body shaming when it comes to transgenderism?

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