Pro-Choice Activists Fleeing Texas Get A Taste Of Failed Liberal Policies


Just after the Supreme Court’s judgment favoring Texas’ “fetal heartbeat” abortion ban law, many pro-choice abortion activists are planning on fleeing the lone star state of Texas.

This is a complete contrast from the new wave of blue-state migrants that made Texas their new home after being sick of Democrat policies in their native states.

The pro-choice, pro-abortion activists who plan on leaving the state of Texas are now getting a taste of what it is like in Blue states that are forever lead by Democrats.

Many of these blue states are planning on reinstating mask mandates regardless of people’s vaccination status. Some experts are predicting there will be more tyrannical lockdown and other similar laws that will be introduced in these deep blue states.

According to some surveys, many of these “my body, my choice” activists don’t mind enforcing mask and vaccine mandates and are happy to comply with whatever their hypocrite leaders tell them to follow. However, it’s not just COVID madness that these pro-choice states have to offer.

There are many other issues that these activists will face when they leave the liberties offered in the lone star state.

Texas has some of the lowest property rates in the country. People who have recently moved from California to Texas have reported saving over 25% in taxes and other expenses when in Texas.

Despite accepting many migrants from California and New York recently, the Texas economy is still thriving and experiencing incredible growth. The state possesses the nation’s 12th-healthiest economy, as well as the world’s 9th largest economy and the unemployment rate is also far lower than many blue states.

Not to mention, affordable housing, no income tax, and the sheer amount of land and property available for sale.

Apart from all this, safety is a major advantage that Texans enjoy. Unlike many liberal states that have defunded the police and have set violent criminals on lose and have consistently encouraged Antifa/BLM chaos and looting, amid uncontrolled homeless crises, Texas has strict laws and is considered one of the safest states in the country.

The pro-abortion lobby that is planning on fleeing Texas is getting a taste of what failed democrat leadership has done in their states and the freedoms and liberties that they’ve enjoyed so far in Texas will all be taken away if they decide to move out.

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